Field/Gym/Pool Policy

Field/Gym/Pool Policy

Blue Hills Regional Recreation Division

Playing Field and Related Facility Permit Policy


The Blue Hills Regional Technical School (the “District”), through authority granted to its District School Committee (“DSC”), hereby adopts the following policy concerning the use of the District’s playing fields and related facilities.

Permitted Uses of Fields/Gymnasium/Pool or Wellness Center:

Organized use of the District’s fields/gymnasium/pool or wellness center by groups shall require a permit.

Completed applications must be received by the office of the Recreation Division no later than March 1 of each year for Spring and Summer reservations, and no later than June 1 and September 1 for Fall/Winter reservations respectively. Reservation attempts past deadlines will be filled on an as available basis. We will accept reservation requests earlier, but will take no action until the deadline for each term has passed.

Given the DSC priority for School/Recreation Division Activities/Youth Sports, District wide Athletics may require adult leagues to modify their seasons. The following Sports will normally be given priority during respective seasons as follows:

Baseball: The second Monday in March through the second weekend in August.

Softball: The second Monday in March through the second weekend in August.

Football: First Monday in September through the third weekend in November.

Lacrosse: First Monday in April through the third weekend in June.

Soccer: First Monday in September through the third weekend in November.

Soccer may be scheduled in spring season on fields already allocated to Spring Soccer.

When two or more applicants are on an equal footing and applying for the same space, priority will be given to the traditional in season sport, outlined as follows:

Fall Season: Football, Soccer, Girls High School Swimming

Winter Season: Basketball, CO-ED High School Swimming

Spring Season: Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse

Summer Season: Recreation Division Sponsored Camps, Baseball, Softball

Allocations will be based on availability, scheduled renovations and turf control measures implemented by Blue Hills Maintenance Division will take precedence as will Blue Hills Athletic Department use.

In those rare instances, where there is a conflict with the priority tier system, the Business Manager will review the facts, after consultation with the Recreation Division Coordinator, and will make a final determination on the issuance of permits.

The applicant or the responsible adult, who is designated on the permit for the applicant, shall be present at all times the facility issued to them is in use. The organization must have his/her permit in their possession at all times.

Re-allocation or subletting of facilities by a permit holder is strictly prohibited.

Unless specifically stated it is understood that the function/activity to be held is not a fundraiser, that no admission is to be charged, that no tickets will be sold or collections taken and that no items will be sold.

Any violation of such permit’s terms, conditions and/or limitations shall be grounds for immediate revocation of such permit and denial of future applications for permits submitted by such team, group or organization.

If a permit is revoked for failure to abide strictly by its terms, conditions and/or limitations, there shall be no refund of the permit fee.

By submitting an application, all applicants agree to conform to all the District policies for playing fields/gymnasium/pool and wellness center.

Even with a permit, a group may not use a field that is too wet. The Recreation Division will maintain a “hot line” (781-828-5800 1 249#) that will be updated for field conditions and swim registration dates. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to determine, by calling this “hot line.” Whether the facility has been closed due to weather conditions.


First Occurrence – Will cause a letter specifically listing the Recreation Division’s concerns to be mailed to the organization/permit holder
Additional Occurrence – May result in the loss of scheduling privileges in increasing dimension based on the number and type of occurrences, including the cancellation of remaining season games and practice times. With no refund of fees or deposits.

Tier 1 Priority Use:

Blue Hills School and Blue Hills Recreation Division-sponsored programs.

Tier 2 Priority Use:

District Based Public Schools, Private Schools & District Recreation Departments.

Tier 3 Priority Use:

Non-District Schools and Recreation Departments.

Tier 4 Use:

District Based Businesses or Groups.

Tier 5 Use:

All Other

Fee: Payment is due in full at time of reservation confirmation. We will process refund at conclusion of your program if we have to cancel due to inclement weather or other reasons.