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Question 1 - What is the Blue Hills Recreation Division?

The Blue Hills Recreation Division is a department created to coordinate the use of all the community requests for activities to be held at the Blue Hills Facilities. We hope to provide better customer service and communication by housing all activities under one department head allowing us to maximize our resources.

Question 2 - How do I register for Swimming Lessons?

The registration proess is simple. All of our registration now takes place on our improved on-line registration system Activity Reg

  • Registration on the first day of any registration period is only open to members of the Blue Hills Regional School District - Avon, Braintree, Canton, Dedham, Holbrook, Milton, Norwood, Randolph and Westwood. If you do not live in one of the 9 communities listed you may not register until the second day of any registration period
  • Registration is also limited on the first day of registration to members of your immediate hosehold, meaning family members living with you, no cousins, neices, nephews, grandchildren or neighbor children. This is in fairness to all participants and gives an equal chance for obtaining a registration space for everyone.
  • On-line registration is real time using our Sportsman Registration program. The site for on-line registration is www.activityreg.com just follow the links to Massachusetts and Blue Hills.

Question 3 - How do I get a current schedule and register for swimming lessons at Blue Hills?

Current Schedules of facility use at the pool, gym, fields and can be found on the Facility Schedules link at the left. Swim Lesson Registration Schedules for the Current session can be found on the Swim Information and Registration Dates pages. On-Line registration can be done at www.activityreg.com We also provide Adobe Acrobat files with calendars of events on this page.

Question 4 - What forms of payment do you accept?

Blue Hills accepts cash, check made payable to Blue Hills Regional or credit card. We only accept Visa, Master Card or Discover Card for credit card payments.

Question 5 - What is the refund policy?

Blue Hills no longer makes a full refund unless the withdrawal is for a medical reason with an accompanying doctor note. If you withdraw from the program you have prevented someone from taking that spot. There will be a $25.00 per participant fee charged and the balance will be a credit put into our registration system that you can apply to your next registration.

Question 6 - How do I join a recreation swim team?

Blue Hills is host (we rent them pool time) to 4 town recreation teams. We have provided contact information for each on the other links page. We do not run a recreation swim team but facilitate the local communities with pool practice space for their teams.


To contact us: Nights and Weekends

Blue Hills Regional Technical School
800 Randolph Street
Canton, MA 02021

Mr. Thomas F. Cahill, Recreation Division Coordinator

Phone: 781-828-5800 ext 249 nights after 7 PM 
Fax: 781-828-0794

E-mail: Contact Tom Cahill at Blue Hills